about celadon

I'm Eric Maia, also known as celadon, an artist, musician, and Web programmer from Seattle. My background is in the visual arts, and I collaborate on art projects with my wife Thea (more about that in her bio).

I've been making music as celadon for the last 10 years or so, exploring ambient, industrial, noise, and improvised/ experimental styles and performing music for butoh dance and other performances.

Most recently, I have been collaborating with Katrina Ellison in her project Sataray, with our second CD "Songs to the Bornless One" released in 2014.

I also perform improvised art/rock/noise with Vanessa Skantze as the duo In the Deep Museum.

My goal as a musician is to share my fascination with the many textures and colors of sounds in the world around us. From the intricate ticking of a fan or heater to the roar of a bus, any sound that catches my attention becomes raw material to sculpt. Pulled out of context, juxtaposed, and crafted into rhythm and melody, these noises can enchant and entice.

As a performer, I bring attention and respect to collaborative efforts - listening to the other musicians and watching the dancers to find the path to the piece as a whole. My work with butoh dance (particularly Danse Perdue - Vanessa Skantze and Alex Ruhe) has been an invaluable opportunity to broaden my musical palette and find raw, visceral sounds that exist only in the moment.

My compositional approach is based on the use of "found sounds" - field recordings I have collected, or feedback and other noises recorded in the studio. I arrange these materials in an audio collage process, sculpting, warping, and layering them to achieve the effect I seek. I have no formal musical training, so I do not "compose" or "record" my music so much as "discover" it.