Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet includes 9 tracks of lush, textural electronic music, including two different mixes of "Dark Decorum: The Gothic Charm School Theme Song." It also features vocals by Sataray and Vanessa Skantze.

Bitter Sweet builds on the highlights of my earlier releases, with intricate rhythms and layers of dark sonic imagery, contrasted with orchestral samples and haunting female vocals. The songs range from the Gothic dance track "Dark Decorum" to the heavy, ominous industrial beats of "Fuligin" to the sensuous trip-hop stylings of "Wisteria" and "Passageway." This album has a more consistent, less noisy sound than much of my previous work, and will appeal to a wide range of electronic music fans.

"Seattleā€™s Celadon builds a gothic symphony of dark neo-classical electronics and instrumentals that serve as meditative ouvres." - ZapTown

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Dark Decorum: The Gothic Charm School Theme Song (polite mix)
The original full-length song based on the music from the popular Gothic Charm School videos
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Passageway (with Sataray)
A dreamy journey with layered vocals and harmonium by Sataray (written by Sataray)
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The Deepest Sea
Dive under the waves... an old celadon track, remixed for this album
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Heavy industrial beats, ominous vocals, brooding tones
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Sinister Device
Intricate rhythms swarm and attack, with darker surprises lurking beneath
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Dark Decorum: The Gothic Charm School Theme Song (subversive mix)
Electro meets Goth in this heavier mix of Dark Decorum
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The Long Walk Home (with Vanessa Skantze)
Vanessa's lament floats above a brooding rhythmic trek
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Wisteria (with Sataray)
Light, airy textures twine about heavy trip-hop beats
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A Stately Decline (live)
Solo bass improvisation for butoh dance

Thanks to:

Sataray: Vocals on Wisteria and vocals & harmonium on Passageway
Vanessa Skantze: Vocals on The Long Walk Home and Sinister Device
James Meeker: Mastering
Thea Maia: Art & design
Jillian & Pete Venters of Gothic Charm School
Carlyle Livingston II: Video production

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