celadon discography

Albums and compilations featuring celadon

celadon releases

Post-Industrial Delicacies (2006, CD)
Missing the Snow (2008, CD-r)
Augustine, (2009, CD-r)
Bitter Sweet (2010, CD)

compilations and remix albums

Caustic Pleasures: Touch remix album (2006) includes celadon remix of Change the World
Winterchylde: Zealot remix single cd (2006) includes celadon remix of Zealot
noisepoetnobody: Utopian Murder Conspiracies remixes (2007) includes celadon remix
Boron Division: Soul Cavalry remixes (2008) includes celadon remix
Dark Sonus II: Discretise (2009) compilation includes celadon's Glasgow Dawn
Synthetic Articulation (2011) compilation includes celadon's Second Circle (free download!)

collaborations and other works

In the Deep Museum: Mi Corazon de Luces Rotas (2006)
Parasite Heart (2006) with Alex Ruhe, Tom Swafford, Vanessa Skantze
Denial of the Body (2007) with vox vespertinus
In the Deep Museum: Prospecting in the Mire (2008)
Bonsoir Samdi: experimental improvisations dec. 2006 - oct. 2007 (2008)
Sataray: Mata Utara (2010)