Bitter Sweet reviews

Reviews of celadon's new industrial CD Bitter Sweet

"It’s easy to come up with a self-conceived and self-produced musical venture. What is difficult is to establish something that tingles the ear drums as something unique while maintaining a sense of quality that will take you out of the realm of simple home recording because in reality, not everyone can do it.

That is what Eric Maia (musically known as Celadon) has accomplished with Bitter Sweet. A surprisingly tantalizing experience of mostly instrumentals that blend gothic undertones with orchestrated neo-classical short pieces that could easily be argued that you swore you once saw this album on the Projekt or 4AD catalogue (you have not)...

...And as much as I would normally want more, Celadon does a wonderful job at keeping your anticipation balanced with really well-written film work instrumentals and calming electronics. ...

The prozac feeling of Bitter Sweet hinders the progression that this album could make, but the arthouse vibe that emits from the album is charming in its own right."

(read the whole review) - Andrew Duncan, ZapTown (3.5 out of 5)

"Overall, 'Bitter Sweet' is a pretty decent release; it certainly has some good things going for it. I think Celadon needs just a wee bit more tempering, and maybe a full-time creative co-conspirator."

(read the whole review) - Steve Mecca, Chain D.L.K. (3.5 out of 5)

"De darkwavepassages zijn weliswaar mooi maar echt innoverend... deze verzorgde eigen release meer kwaliteit bezit dan veel overhypte rommel die wij mogen bespreken van grote labels."

(read the whole review - Didier Becu, Dark Entries (7 out of 10)

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Reviews of Post-Industrial Delicacies

"Celadon's "Post Industrial Delicacies" is actually really fucking cool. The group describes itself as a blend of industrial, noise and ambient soundscapes, but that is only half true. Yes, this disc is heavily rooted in industrial, noise and ambient, but it is at it's core a kind of IDM release in the way the sounds are processed. Not that that's bad or anything. Not at all.

Found sound is a big part of Celadon's aural palette, and he structures the sounds together in a very cool intricate rhythmic way, replacing normal beats with found samples. While this record is highly experimental and noisy, the rhythmic element is constant and danceable, thus the IDM.

"Post Industrial Delicacies" is a very unique and challenging album. Fans of IDM, Experimental, Industrial, and generally kickass music will dig this for sure. Pick it up already!" - Royce Icon,

"unfocused in places, but Celadon's debut CD shows a promisingly creative approach to sound production. Maia's work exhibits none of the overly clinical polish associated with experimental techno... and seems just as inspired by the old-fashioned noise of early Coil and Psychic TV as by the modernist electronic underground. 'Earth Abides' incorporates outdoor found sounds like birdsong with a slow, tribal-influenced beat. It's a piece that could have very easily slipped into cornball territory, but it works out well here, as does 'In My Winter,' which finishes the album in a blur of multi-layered electronic loops, chattering insects, clanking rhythms, and wordless female vocals. These more impressionistic pieces show Maia at his most promising, and if he focuses on this side of his work rather than the more lyrically-oriented pieces, he'll be able to take Celadon in some quite interesting directions." - Matthew Johnson, ReGen Magazine

"Post-Industrial Delicacies is a fusion of early industrial, ambient, and experimental styles. The first half of the album has a foreboding element to it: "Earth Abides" has an earthy feel to it, but there is a prevailing sense of "doom" hiding just out of reach.... "Lie With Me" is both the best and most haunting of the tracks. The spoken vocals are filled with alternate implications - do not trust this person, this demon in human form. ... The intricate blending of sounds, at times harsh, at times soothing, produce a unique element that can be somewhat off key, but melodic none-the-less." (7 of 10) - Legion, This is Corrosion

"...a very special kind of Industrial music which is for sure far away of what you've never heard of or experienced so far. I can recommend a good pair of headphones and some attention, you'll be rewarded with a remarkable and entertaining listening. Real and unique Avantgarde music is still out there – go out and pick this up!" - Marc Tater, Chain D.L.K.